In a private tumbling session, athletes work with a coach 1:1 to perfect their tumbling skills. There is a definite benefit to having a coach concentrated on your athlete for the entire session.

We have two options for private lessons with our coaches, you can book on a per session basis or a block of sessions. There is a cost savings as well as the convenience of booking a specific time slot for your athlete.


Private Session Price List

$35/session for 30 minutes of private coaching

$300/ 10 sessions of private coaching


Semi-Private Session

$25/athlete for 2

$250/10 session of private coaching


$20/athlete for 3-4

$200/10 sessions of private coaching


To register click here. If you do not see a time that meets your needs, please call 416-951-8352 or email and we will do our best to accommodate.

Tumbling spaces are limited. Please book early to avoid disappointment! Get flipping at the BEACH!