Our BEACHNinja program is inspired by the American Ninja Warrior craze and has developed into a sport that has captivated everyone who tries it.  We are so excited to partner with GoNinja and bring this amazing program to Toronto!

The Ninja program is all about the collaboration of movement, incorporating gymnastics, obstacle training and tumbling.   This class will equip your child with fitness fundamentals, sport readiness training, and even a bit of martial arts. This is a safe space for anyone who doesn’t identify themselves as a”gymnast”, “cheerleader” or “tumbler”, but wants to explore the fun and challenge of this type of training.

Ninja classes are offered to two different age groups (ages 5-8 &  ages 9-14) each focusing on building skills through the fundamentals of the program.  Our Ninja program is an amazing way to get your kids sweating, smiling, and learning!