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Here at Beach Cheer, you’ll find success! We’re one of the fastest growing gyms in Toronto!

Competitive or All-Star Cheer is fundamentally a team sport. Studies have shown that exposure to team building at an early age helps to foster a strong feeling of self esteem and confidence in young children and young adults.  We specialize in teaching youth life lessons through the sport of cheerleading!

Building Trust & Confidence

Your child will develop a sense of belonging in cheer, second to no other sport for creating trust and confidence in their teammates. Sportsmanship, teamwork, goal setting, time management, work ethic, self confidence, responsibility, empathy are just some of the life skills you will receive at BCA!

Cheerleading is the perfect combination of an individual sport like gymnastics or swimming mixed with the camaraderie of a team sport like hockey or soccer.

There is something truly special about being part of a team, working together to achieve a common goal. Teamwork is the cornerstone of our program, making connections and memories to last a lifetime while pushing yourself further then you dreamed possible, all while doing a sport you love.

Competitive Streams

We have two competitive streams available!
All-Star – Good for beginner to experienced cheerleaders! With longer training hours, more competitions and weekend practices.
Prep – Great for beginners! With shorter training hours, less competitions and no weekend practices! Teams start in September!
Half Year Prep – Great for beginners who want a taste of what cheerleading is ! Low commitment only training once a week and one performance at the end of the season. Team starts January 11th!

We’re happy to help you choose what every program is best for your family!

All-Star Team Placement List:

2019-20 Team Placements

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