4 Weeks For $49


We’re thrilled you’ve decided to try out our program for 4 weeks! Here are some frequently asked questions!

How does the 4 week trial work?

Fair question! First you register within Amilia (our online registration program) with your information and the athlete you’re signing up for the program, then you purchase the 4 weeks for $49. Once you have purchased the package you can register for a class with availability. If the class you really want is full, you can go on the waiting list and register for your second choice. Once a spot opens up in your preferred class you can go in and switch classes!

When does it start?

The program starts whenever you sign up for your class. If you purchase the 4 weeks for $49, the membership doesn’t start until you have signed up for a class.

How many classes per week?

You will have one class per week!

What does my athlete wear/ bring?

Athletic clothing, indoor running shoes and a water bottle.

Can I watch?

Absolutely! We have a parent viewing area so you can watch your athlete the whole time.

Once the 4 weeks are done how do I register for another class?

You’ll head back to Amelia and purchase a class pass, then register for your next class!